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Party Planning for Rookies

Party Planning for Rookies So it’s time to plan your next party.  Do you cringe at the idea because you don’t think you have one creative bone is your body or not exactly a natural born party planner?  Perhaps the unknown task overwhelms you and you don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry, all the emotions and stress you…

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Does Entertaining Give you the Blues?

Party Blues Does entertaining make you stressed and give you the blues?  If so, it’s time to analyze step-by-step what you’re doing and how you can improve. You’ve made your party list and checked it twice. However, the list continues to get bigger and bigger because you just don’t have enough time or energy to complete everything before your party. Those…

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Is the Handwritten Note a Lost Art?

Smart Phones, Evites, Tablets…Oh My! Is the written note and paper invitations a lost art?  Not long ago before smart phones, Evites, and tablets the world communicated by thoughtful and sincere handwritten notes and letters.  Do not underestimate the power of written correspondence and the art of handwritten notes.  Fine paper and invitations have a special place in the hearts of many even…

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When Parents Bring Uninvited Siblings (Venues) Part 1:

Have you ever hosted a party where the parents brought their child’s siblings?  Many parents do not understand that many factors are involved when you a host a kids party.  Don’t assume that your child’s sibling is invited to the party too.  Siblings are considered non-invited guests unless their name is on the invitation or there was a special mention about siblings being…

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Children Parties: Should Parents Stay or Leave?

I’m sure we have all hosted a kids party where the parents stayed.  Have you ever wished that the parents would not stay at the party?  I often hear parents complain about parents staying or leaving at birthday parties.  I didn’t waste any time trying to talk about this hot topic.  The focus is on home parties but it also applies to kid venues. …

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Party Planning Check List

THE ESSENTIALS Choose a party theme. Determine the formality of the party (casual, formal, semi-formal). Create a Budget. Schedule the date and time of the party. Book the party location. Schedule and book the entertainment. INVITATIONS Create a guest list. Order invitations and coordinating thank you cards. Assemble, stuff, stamp, and seal invitations. Mail invitations to family and friends 2-3…

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